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Between 1990 and 2000, the number of children in American Samoa increased by 24%. In comparison the US number of children only increased by 14% during the past decade.
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Menu Changes
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Menu Changes

As we try to serve you information that is useful and timely, you may notice that some menu names may change.  Additionally, we may juggle the locations of menu items as well.  In the end we hope the site will be an extremely useful site for information and fun from Samoa.

Fast Facts
Written by The SA'O Team   

Newsflash Gets A New Name

New name, same great content

We previously had Newsflashes in the top right hand box of this site.  In our ever-increasing attempt to improve this site and make it more useful to you, we are renaming this to Fast Facts.  As we are out researching we will fill this area with facts about the islands, the people, and the culture.

When you view a new page within the site, this area will have a random fact posted in that area.  We have found some interesting things already but as you use the site let your eye wander over and see what’s new.

Source of information

We also will begin adding, as a link, the source of the information, if it is found on the web.  The button will be called “source.”  Clicking on “source” will take you to the site where the information was from.  

If you want them all, they are available for registered users.  Registration is free and takes only a moment.  Registration also allows you to post to our new forums.  Registered users will see a link called fast facts that will allow them to view each fact and not have to wait for them to randomly load.

Other site news

We have added another feature to our site.  Some of you may have noticed under our polls the addition of System Info.  This fun little widget tells you a few fun facts like:
  • Your IP address
  • Your Operating System
  • What Browser you are using
  • Etc.

There is no real reason for it, other than for fun.  Maybe someday you’ll want to host a website from you computer and need to know your IP address.  All you’ll have to do is visit our site and “Whoomp, there it is!”

US Samoans Follow-Up
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US Samoans Follow-Up

In our prime?

Looking at the data from the census report, the median age of Samoans in the US is 24.  We said that it could mean we, as Samoans, haven’t reached our prime.  This assumption was conceived while considering the median age of the whole US is 35 years old.  We thought that this median age of 24 was attributed to the fact that Samoans are still having kids. 

Since the US average birth rate is dropping, the median age is going up overall.  Samoans on the other hand still have a large youth population that helps keep the median age low.

The other fatal reason

One reader commented, “Maybe, the reason Samoans are so young, is because the older generation is dying off because of diseases like Diabetes.”  This is a fact that no Samoan can deny.  Each of us knows or is related to at least three Samoans with this deadly disease.  

Many have fallen to the effects of this killer.  Many of us have lost loved ones.  What do we do about it?  We don’t know.  We can donate money to the causes that are fighting it.  We can love and spend time with those that have it.  We can eat right and exercise and teach our kids these healthy habits and we can pray for them.

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