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Most of us would figure that the city with the highest concentration of Polynesians would be Honolulu.  But, would you have ever guessed that New York City would be number two.  According the the US 2000 Census that is true.  Things may have changed since then but...
Web Links "LINK" fence to the left reminded me of the Tennis courts at Lions Park because of the lage.

A selection of links that are all related to Polynesia.
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  Link   Samoa News
News from Samoa and around the world.
  Link   Treasure Island Jewelers
The Largest Selection of Fine Jewelry & Perfumes in American Samoa
  Link   Samoan Dictonary
Online Samoan Dictionary
  Link   Pago Pago
Pago Pago internet resources and business directory
  Link   Congressman Faleomavaega
Eni F.H. Faleomavaega's House of Representatives News Site
  Link   Manuatele.NET
Manuatele.NETNews and Information for Samoans around the world; American Samoa's Off-Island Connection.
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