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Most of us would figure that the city with the highest concentration of Polynesians would be Honolulu.  But, would you have ever guessed that New York City would be number two.  According the the US 2000 Census that is true.  Things may have changed since then but...
New Editions
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SA'O has added a few new features to the site.  As some of you may have noticed we have  a just begun a forum to make it possible for people to post and reply to others.  We have initiated a few catagories and there will be more to come.  Anyone may view the posts in the forum but you must be register to post to the forum.  All you need to do is register at the login area to the left.  Click Create One.  If you have suggestions on what to put into the forum just register and post it or click contact and drop us a line.  Hope you enjoy the forum.

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