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Fire Knife Champ
Written by Event Staff   
Four time world champion Pati of Samoa performs at Utah Samoan Heritage Week.
 "He performed with the level of intensity during his doubles routine as he did during his single knife routine," commented one spectator.  It was true, the level of intensity remained extraordinarily high during the performance. 
Pati entered the stage amidst a round of cheers.  Then like an explosion he lit up the stage.  Literally!  He spun out the excess fuel on the stage and began spinning and kneeled down to get close enough to light the stage on fire.  The fierceness of the fire paled in comparison  to the speed and fluidity of Pati's routine.  Before one even had a moment to take it all in it was over, only to be followed up by an equally intense doubles routine.  Needless to say the performance was worthy of his title "World Fire Knife Champion."
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