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Fast Facts
The average age of a Samoan in the US is 24.  Among Pacific Islanders we are the 2nd youngest group.  Additionally, compared to the total US population whose average age is 35, we are practically babes. These statistics indicate to us that we haven't even reached our prime!
Recipe on the Menu
Written by The SA'O Team   

Recipe on the Menu

Serving up favorites from Samoa

Just added to the Main menu is a link to recipes from Samoa.  Although in still in its infancy, we hope to provide you with mouth-watering recipes.  Our first recipe is for Koko Rice.  This is a favorite for breakfast or just as an anytime fun treat.

Tangible amounts and accessible ingredients

It has been our experience that most great cooks are unable to quantify amounts in repeatable measurements.  Our goal is to have recipes with measurable amounts and obtainable ingredients.  We want you to be able to make any of our recipes.  To make this possible we have included, where necessary, a list of substitutes that will be accessible from your local grocer, even if you live in South Dakota.

Submissions are welcome

We can be reached from the contact link on the menu to the left.  We invite you to fill out the form and send us a recipe, a revision, or a rebuttal to something we have said.  Also, if there is a Samoan dish you want us to breakdown into repeatable measurements and obtainable ingredients let us know.

The SA'O Team
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