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Most of us would figure that the city with the highest concentration of Polynesians would be Honolulu.  But, would you have ever guessed that New York City would be number two.  According the the US 2000 Census that is true.  Things may have changed since then but...
Traditional Dance
Written by Event Staff   
SA'O gives highest approval to the Tourism Board of Samoa dancers.  During the Samoan Heratige Week in Utah, the tourism board put on a wonderful show.  The most wonderful thing about it was...
that the performance was in nearly every way TRADITIONAL.  The dances were of the highest quality as were the costumes.  Amidst the sounds of prefabricated music from drum machines and synthisizers the Tourism board played real guitars, real drums, and really sang Samoan songs.  Fa'afetai Lava.
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