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Manu Samoa Chant
Written by Manu Samoa   

Manu Samoa Chant

Le Manu Samoa ia manu le fai o le faiva

The Manu Samoa, may you succeed in your mission

Le Manu Samoa lenei ua ou sau
The Manu Samoa, here I come

Leai se isi Manu oi le atu laulau

There is no other Manu (team) anywhere

Ua ou sau nei ma le mea atoa

Here I come completely prepared

O lou malosi ua atoatoa

My strength is at its peak

Ia e faatafa ma e soso ese

Make way and move aside

Leaga o lenei manu e uiga ese

Because this Manu is unique

Le Manu Samoa

The Manu Samoa

Le Manu Samoa

The Manu Samoa

Le Manu Samoa e o mai I Samoa

The Manu Samoa reigns from Samoa
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