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The average age of a Samoan in the US is 24.  Among Pacific Islanders we are the 2nd youngest group.  Additionally, compared to the total US population whose average age is 35, we are practically babes. These statistics indicate to us that we haven't even reached our prime!
Menu Changes
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Menu Changes

As we try to serve you information that is useful and timely, you may notice that some menu names may change.  Additionally, we may juggle the locations of menu items as well.  In the end we hope the site will be an extremely useful site for information and fun from Samoa.


Some have asked about the download section.  Originally, we intended to post our fire knife-drumming file there.  This was to be used for people who want to practice spinning with some drums to add to the realism of a practice session.  The drums are recorded and we are working on the final mix before we make it available.  As we have been doing research on Samoa, we have also found some interesting PDF files online that ought to be of interest to readers.  We want to make these available for download as well.  Look for this section to be up soon.


It looks like several people have noticed and used our new music section.  We are looking for submissions and corrections.  Where time permits we will also put simple translations.  For ease of transposing, we will put all the songs in the key of C.  We have done the Samoa guitar intro in tab form.  We are unfamiliar with the rules for tablature, if there are any and we should redo any song we have done please let us know.  Our hope with the music section is to make it possible for someone to add these songs to their repertoire and teach them to their children so the songs are not lost.


The polls we hold are just for fun.  Our last poll, that is ending soon, is on the arcade games we have to play.  Cast you vote and we’ll see which game ranks highest among SA’O visitors.  Look for our new poll later this week.

High Scores

I have seen some new scores recently in the arcade and so the gauntlet has been thrown down and the challenge is on.  TAN has taken high score on space-invaders; DJ RAY SAMOA has taken the high score on Snake, Space invaders, and Simon.  MJL has an UNBELIEVABLE score on Tetris.  (We thought the SA’O staff was good till we saw this score.)  “Malo Lava” to the three of you.
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