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U.S. Census 2000 states that there are approximately 875,000 Polynesians living in the US today.  That amounts to about 0.3% of the population.
Jr Fire Knife
Written by Event Staff   
A surge in Jr fire knife dancers is helping to continue the tradition of the sport.  Several young men acquired SA'O brand practice fire knives during the Samoan Heritage festival. 
The practice Knives could be seen around the grounds as several young men began practicing for one of the most exciting dances of Samoa.
"These kids pick it up so fast!"  says T. Pita booth administrator for SA'O.  "One boy, sat at the booth and I worked with him for close to 10 min.  He walked away barely being able to spin.  About 2 hours later he comes up to me and says, 'look!'.  He was spinning fast and smooth.  It was amazing."  That was one of many stories like it during the week of the festival.
Most of the kids already knew how to spin a little by watching their dad or brother.  The youngest spinner we saw that could really spin was five.  He could go around the back through the legs and spin the circle.  Let's help keep the culture alive in our kids!
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