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U.S. Census 2000 states that there are approximately 875,000 Polynesians living in the US today.  That amounts to about 0.3% of the population.
Samoan Heritage Week
Written by Event Staff   
SA'O just finished up a week at the Samoan Heratige Week.  As one of many vendors we were excited to join in the celebration.  The week was full of dancing and singing and lots and lots of eating.  The venue was previously held at South Ridge Park in Kearns, but for a number of reasons it was relocated to Centennial Park. 
It appears that the move was a good one.  With an abundance of parking it made for a well attended festival.  Four time world fire knife champion Pati
of Samoa was featured three thrilling nights in a row.  Showing why his titles are well deserved.
Every night of the event was filled with local and traveling dance groups.  The most notable being the children dance groups showing how the culture continues to live through our amazing tamaiti.
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